Training and Raising a Dog in Delaware

For most dog owners, it is difficult to imagine a life without their furry companions. They provide undeniable loyalty and affection, and for this reason, it is easy to understand why canines are known as “man’s best friend.” While dogs are loyal companions, they sometimes come along with quirky personalities or destructive behaviors that can cause a lot of unnecessary stress for their owners and the neighbors. Whether the dog likes to escape the back yard and roam the streets of Delaware, bark at all hours of the night, or chew on shoes, there is a way to easily correct their behaviors through dog training. There are measures, such as installing an electric dog fence, Delaware homeowners can take to ensure that their companions remain safely at home.

Training a dog may seem like a daunting task at first thought; however, there are various resources, both online and in the state of Delaware, that offer information and techniques to assist pet owners with dog training. Dog training, when done correctly, can prove to be an exciting bonding adventure for both owners and their pets. When beginning dog training, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the huge variety of techniques and advice. Different methods may work better than others for owners based on their personal preferences, although all methods consist of rewarding good behaviors and not rewarding bad behaviors. Most canines are eager to learn, but they cannot learn the difference between good and bad behavior simply by hearing their owner shout unfamiliar commands. They can be rewarded with belly rubs and treats to get the point of a good behavior across and be ignored or have chew-toys removed when they exhibit bad behaviors. The most important factor in dog training is that the reward or punishment must be given immediately after the good or bad behavior for the dog to learn effectively. Understandably, an owner is not always able to be with their pets to correct bad behaviors immediately, but if these behaviors are continually rewarded or disciplined when the owner is around, eventually, they will be carried over to when the owner is not around. Some behaviors may be more easily and effectively addressed, however, with equipment such as a wireless dog fence.

The use of a wireless underground pet fence is a simple and effective method for keeping dogs within a specified but out-of-sight area. Here at Dog Guard, we realize the need pet owners have to keep their dogs safe, yet happy. Many homeowners do not like the idea of having to purchase and install a traditional, bulky fence around their home. Even more importantly, dogs are often able to jump over or dig under fences, which still leaves pet owners with uncertainty. This uncertainty is why many homeowners have turned to an electric dog fence, Delaware homeowners included. When deciding on a hidden fence, DE residents can trust Dog Guard for effective, veterinarian-approved products. The underground fence operates through the use of a digital radio signal. A thin wire is placed underground in the specific perimeter that is created by the owner and your Dog Guard representative. When the installation is completed by a Dog Guard installation professional, the dog is given a collar with a small receiver inside. The underground wires then transmit signals to the receiver. If the dog gets close to the boundaries, it will receive low levels of stimulation as a reminder. At this point, most canines will retreat back into the safe area; however, in the instance that the dog would try to continue past the “reminder zone” and escape the safe area, a maximum stimulation would be given to deter the dog from exiting the wireless dog fence. DE dog owners can rest assured that the correction stimuli are mild and humane.

At Dog Guard, all of our products are reliable and made right here in America. We offer a lifetime warranty on all of our transmitters and receivers to ensure that excellent protection for pets is always provided. For general questions about Dog Guard fencing, please visit our frequently asked questions section for further information. To purchase a Dog Guard pet containment system or to inquire about the installation of an electric dog fence, DE residents can contact Dog Guard at 1-800-865-0495.