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Training and Raising a Dog in California

The Wireless Dog Fence California Pet Owners Trust

At Dog Guard, we understand that your pet is family. Like any family member, you want to ensure their safety and happiness. Installing a wireless dog fence is one way to do this. Underground electronic fencing is a safe and affordable alternative to traditional fencing. However, when it comes to finding a wireless dog fence, California residents want only the best for their pets. Dog Guard’s out-of-sight fencing gives your dog the freedom it deserves while also ensuring its safety. With our electric dog fence, CA dog owners receive peace of mind knowing that their beloved pet is in good hands. Our pet containment systems work by using a digital radio signal in conjunction with a receiver worn in the dog’s collar. A transmitter is first installed in a convenient location, usually a basement or garage. A thin wire is then buried underground, marking the boundaries as defined by the pet owner. When the system is activated, the transmitter sends a radio signal through the wire, which is picked up by the receiver in the dog’s collar. When the dog approaches the wire, the receiver produces a harmless correction stimulus, which can be adjusted depending on your dog’s size and temperament. A Dog Guard representative will work with you to design a safety parameter that works best for you and your pet. With our hidden fence, CA pet owners can protect their dogs from pools or roadways or keep them away from gardens and shrubs.

Training Your Dog

In order to properly train your dog, you need to understand how dogs learn. A dog learns from the immediate consequences of its behavior. Similar to humans, dogs will repeat behaviors that lead to positive results (such as verbal praise, treats, a belly rub, or a game of fetch) and avoid behaviors that result in something unpleasant. A dog owner should consistently reward good behavior and discourage bad behavior. Punishments and rewards should be immediate, since a dog lives in the present. Dog Guard’s pet fence system uses these principles to teach your dog to respect the outdoor boundaries that you establish. Once the system is in place, a Dog Guard representative will work with you to set up a training routine for you and your dog. During the early days of the training period, boundary flags will be placed in the ground, marking the perimeter of the signal wire. This will give both you and your dog a visual cue of where the boundaries are. In the early stage of training, you will want to walk your leashed dog around the perimeter of the containment area, using verbal commands to train your pet to avoid the boundary flags. When the system is activated, your dog will receive either an audio signal or mild correction stimulus when approaching the hidden fence. CA pet owners should continue the on-leash training in 15-minute sessions twice daily for about two weeks. Once the dog is familiar with the boundary, the flags can be removed.

Why Choose DOG GUARD?

At Dog Guard, your pet’s safety is our number one priority, and we’ve been protecting family pets since 1988. Our nationwide dealer network works with thousands of dog owners throughout the United States each year. Everyone involved, from our dealers and technicians to our trainers, is committed to your dog’s safety. Unlike other systems, Dog Guard is not a do-it-yourself kit. When you purchase our system, our friendly and talented technicians will personally come to your house to install the system and help you train your pet. Dog Guard’s out-of-sight fencing is veterinarian-approved, made to last, and produced 100% in the United States. Unlike traditional fencing, which can be expensive and require routine maintenance, our underground wire system comes with none of the maintenance and aesthetic problems. Our system is backed by a money-back guarantee, so you can buy with confidence. The receiver is waterproof and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Prior to installing your system, we will visit your property and provide you with a free estimate. To schedule an appointment with a local Dog Guard representative, fill out our contact form or call us toll free at 1-800-865-0495. We look forward to hearing from you!