Coping with Pet Loss

Animals play an important role in the lives of many people. An animal can be a companion, a best friend, or even a type of surrogate child. While the types of pets that most often come to mind are dogs and cats, everything from bunnies, turtles, goldfish, and even mice are also cared for and loved. What makes pets so valuable and adored is their ability to bring everything from joy to comfort to the lives of so many, while they request little in return. Unfortunately, pet lives are most often shorter than the lives of their human owners. Whether animals die from old age or illness, their death can have a devastating impact on the people who have grown to love them. Like the loss of any family member, the death of a beloved animal can leave one overwhelmed with feelings of intense sorrow. This can be hard for anyone regardless of age, but children and seniors may feel the impact more harshly. It can be helpful to learn how to cope with this grief.

Coping with Pet Loss in General

Coping With the Death of Your Pet: This article from the Humane Society advises pet owners on the grief process and how to help members of the family cope when a pet dies. The information includes ways to help the other pets in the family, and replacing pets that are no longer living.

Pet Care – Coping with the Loss of a Pet: This is an article on the American Veterinary Medical Association website that discusses how people can cope with the loss of a loved pet. The article reviews the stages of grief and discusses how people handle stress differently.

Seven Tips to Cope With the Loss of a Pet: This FOX News article provides valuable tips on coping with the grief associated with the death of one’s pet.


How to Help Children with the Grief of Pet Loss

Children and Pet Loss: Click this link to read an article that outlines how to help children when a pet dies. The article explains the best ways to help based on the age of the child.

Helping Your Child When the Family Pet Dies: This article on the ASPCA website provides useful information that can aid parents after a family pet dies. The page gives advice on how they can help their children deal with their feelings of grief.

Talking With Children About the Death of a Pet: Click this page for ways to talk with children after a pet dies. The article gives ideas on what to talk about and what can be done to make it easier for the child to cope with their feelings.

When a Pet Dies: This KidsHealth page provides in-depth coverage of what parents should do when the family pet dies. In the article, parents will find information on how to share the news, telling children the truth, and ways to help children cope and move on.


The Elderly and Pet Loss

Coping with Pet Loss as Seniors: This is an article that appears on the Connecticut Humane Society website. The article’s intent is to help seniors understand grief for a pet and gives them ways to cope with it. There is also a section on moving on and the importance of doing so at a comfortable pace.

Grief and Loss of a Pet: Readers who click this link will learn about pet loss and the elderly, as well as the stages of grief and how they are expressed.

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