Bill Tudor
Old Dominion Dog Guard of Virginia

To Whom It May Concern: 7th Feb, 2000

I am the owner of an 82% Wolf Hybrid. “Shawnee” loves the wooded area around our home located in Dinwiddie County on 6 acres. For a while, he was content to hang around the house, but then he discovered that it was fun to visit other places, especially a nearby pony pasture. Shawnee is a beautiful 70+ lb. 1 year-old red wolf; I only weigh 95 lbs., so you can imagine what we both looked and smelled like after I chased him, tackled him landing in pony poop and dragged him back to his pen. This usually happened before going to work sometimes making me late. When I tired of this routine, ‘Shawnee’ was kept either in his pen or on a leash. This upset me to tears; I felt sorry for him.

My neighbor told me about Bill Tudor and Old Dominion Dog Guard in Petersburg, VA. I called Bill and he came directly out to help me solve my problem. He explained “Out-Of-Sight” Fencing to me and said he had never worked with a wolf but was willing to try. Well, Bill has been so kind and patient with Shawnee and me. He installed the fencing, helped me train Shawnee and comforted me when he escaped a couple of times and I became discouraged. I know Bill has been out to work with me at least 5 or 6 times, and he has called New York several times, so you are probably familiar with the rare difficulty we experienced.

Bill never gives up. He has tried several different correction solutions and he and I both have been challenged by Shawnee (Bill in more ways than one!). Shawnee finally realized why Bill was coming by so often and decided not to be so hospitable to him (no bites, just threats). But, you’ll be happy to hear that since Bill’s last visit about a month ago, our wandering wolf has learned to put on his brakes at the yellow flags!

springerBill continues to check with me and work with me in any way I need him. I am very pleased with Dog Guard Out of Sight Fencing and especially happy to have Bill Tudor. He is willing, patient and determined to solve any problem. He is a remarkable representative for Dog Guard and I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am that I called him. He is dependable, pleasant to work with, and determined to please his customers and get the job done.

I am enclosing a picture of Shawnee. I know some representatives would be hesitant to work with him. I am relieved to know that he is on our property now, and free to run and play. I feared a hunter would shoot him or he might frighten someone or even get stolen. I’ve invested too much time and money in him to lose him. I love him to death and he is good company as well as protection for me.

My sincere thanks go out to Dog Guard, and Bill Tudor of Old Dominion Fencing. I would recommend Bill and Dog Guard to anybody I know that has a dog (or wolf) and cares for its safety and well-being.

Connie Brockwell
Sutherland, VA

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