Clear Boundaries with Dog Guard

Ken BrandsWelcome to Clear Boundaries with Dog Guard. “Clear Boundaries with Dog Guard” is a Veteran owned business selling an American Made product designed to give your pets the freedom to enjoy your entire yard, while giving you confidence and peace of mind from knowing your pets are safe at home. If your yard is .4 acres or larger, a Dog Guard in-ground fence for your entire yard costs less than a traditional fence in just your backyard. With a Dog Guard pet fence, there is no additional weed eating, painting or maintenance required; dogs don’t jump over or dig under and there is no gate accidentally left open. A Dog Guard pet fence comes with a “30 day pet containment guarantee”; at Clear Boundaries with Dog Guard if you are not satisfied with how your pet is contained, you get 100% of your money back. All Dog Guard equipment comes with a limited lifetime warrantee. If you love the view from your home, with a Dog Guard pet fence you keep it. If you have an area you don’t want you pets in, such as a pool, flower bed or garden, we can keep your pets out of those areas, while keeping them in your yard. Every fence that we install is customized to maximize safety, area to roam and your personal choices of exclusion areas.

Serving Benton, Dickson, Henry, Hickman, Houston, Humphreys, Maury, Montgomery, Stewart and Williamson Counties in Tennessee.

Phone: (615) 415-3803 

Owner: Brands, Kenneth
Clarksville, TN

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Serving the following areas:

Benton County, TN
Cheatham County, TN
Dickson County, TN
Henry County, TN
Hickman County, TN
Houston County, TN
Humphreys County, TN
Montgomery County, TN
Robertson County, TN
Stewart County, TN
Sumner County, TN
Williamson County, TN

*DOG GUARD® Out-Of-Sight Fencing® is a trademark of Sunward Electronics® and should not be confused with Invisible Fence® (InvisibleFence®). Invisible Fence® and Invisible Fencing® are registered trademarks of Invisible Fence Company.