Bill Moore of Tulsa, OK

Bill Moore of Tulsa, OK

Cory (our older cat) gets “bit” about once every week or so, but has not crossed the line in the last 8 months. The amazing thing is Ping (our younger Siamese) stays in the yard as well. We think that Cory has taught him that he is not supposed to leave the back yard.

Connie Brockwell of Sutherland, VA

Connie Brockwell of Sutherland, VA

I called Bill and he came directly out to help me solve my problem. He explained “Out-Of-Sight” Fencing to me and said he had never worked with a wolf but was willing to try. Well, Bill has been so kind and patient with Shawnee and me. He installed the fencing and helped me train Shawnee

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The pros of having an electric underground fence to protect your dog definitely outweigh the cons. This is why some homeowners choose to purchase these items and install the fences themselves. However, there are many different things to keep in mind when learning how...

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How to Train an Older Dog

You have undoubtedly heard the phrase, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. Fortunately, this is not the case. Professional dog trainers will agree that this is a myth and that with patience, a senior dog can be trained. Keep in mind that the older the dog, the...

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Today, dogs are most often kept as companion pets, but these pets can also learn to participate in sports with their owners. Dog agility is a dog sport that involves the dog and the owner, or handler. The handler helps train the dog and gives hand signals or commands...

All About Shiba Inu Dog

The Shiba Inu has become an increasingly popular breed of dog in America thanks to Internet memes and social media. Like all dogs, the Shiba Inu has distinct personality traits and unique quirks. While many people love their Shiba Inu, this breed is not for everyone....

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