Dog Guard Out Of Sight Fence knows: Your dog is family.

Dog Guard Out of Sight Fencing knows just how important it is that your dog leads a safe

and happy life. We provide a safe, affordable alternative to conventional fencing that allows

your dog the freedom it deserves while ensuring that your pet is safely contained.

Dog Guard offers veterinarian-approved, underground electronic fencing that we use in

combination with animal training. Our state-of-the art electronics provide a unique 2 zone

T-4 transmitter that allows a wide variety of corrections to be set depending on your dog

and its temperament.

Dog Guard has been in the business of protecting family pets since 1988. We have thrived

since then in producing high quality, reliable products that are superior to all others.

Distributed through our nationwide dealer network, Dog Guard Products reach thousands

around the United States each year. We will safely contain your pet using time-tested

training techniques without costing you a fortune.


Dog Guard products include the latest and greatest features that are

available on the market. Our T-4 Transmitter has an industry-leading

range of correction with 32 adjustable levels. Each system is encoded

with a unique code, making our systems virtually immune to all


All Dog Guard products are produced 100% in the United States. As

consumers ourselves, we know how important reliability of these products is to

insure that your family-loved pets are kept safe both day and night. We do

this all while keeping as many jobs at home as possible. Customer service and

your pet’s safety are our primary concerns!