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Do you want to keep your pet in a safe area without harming your pet, tearing up your yard, or allowing your pet to get out? Purchase an underground dog fence that will effectively contain your pet without the use of tight leashes, costly and ineffective fences, or extra crate time. Give your dog or cat the freedom to roam and the exercise it needs while giving yourself some peace of mind!

Affordable, Customizable Containment Solutions

When you purchase a fence from us, we take care of the installation and training as well. Here’s how it works: Our team of installation experts will work with you to customize the perimeter. Then, we plant a concealed transmission wire with non-intrusive equipment. A transmitter is then placed indoors in a safe area, like a basement or shed. The receiver is in the pet’s collar, which can send your pet a tonal or static stimulus to correct the behavior of going beyond the boundary.

A+ Rating From Better Business Bureau

We value the loyalty of our customers and have worked hard to maintain a reputation of excellence. We are proud to have earned an A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau and countless positive reviews from customers nationwide.

Indoor and Outdoor Fence Systems

You have a lot of freedom when designing an electric fence. You can fence off one side of an area or an entire perimeter, or you can even contain fences within fences. For example, you can fence off your garden to prevent your dog or cat from digging in it. In addition to being able to provide a fence for an outdoor area or yard, we also have indoor solutions. Keep your pet away from the trash, out of expensively furnished rooms, or off of the counters. You can choose either the reliable RT-2 transmitter for small designated areas within the home or the easy-to-use T-4 transmitter. Also note that receivers come in different sizes based on the size and strength of your pet. Our system is great for dogs and cats alike!

Made 100% Within the U.S.

When looking for an electric fence service, it’s important to have a few guarantees. These are a few of ours. First of all, all of our products are produced entirely within the United States. This means that you won’t be getting poor-quality, imported materials when we install your wireless dog fence. Also, you’ll have a limited lifetime warranty on the receiver, which is also waterproof and incredibly powerful. We’ll replace the receiver for free if needed. In addition, our systems come with a containment guarantee. If our systems don’t keep your pet in the yard, we will refund your money.

Multiple Training Sessions with Pet Behavior Specialists

When you buy an out-of-sight wireless pet fence from Dog Guard, you can have it installed by us as well. In addition, our pet behavior specialists will do extensive training with your pet so that it can learn its new boundaries. We do the training with you, the pet owner, and provide as many training sessions as necessary. Each pet is different, but training usually happens in several stages over the course of two to three weeks. Using temporary flag markers and classic conditioning techniques, the behavior specialist can complete tone training, correction training, off-leash training, and proofing sessions. This limitless amount of training sessions is what sets us apart from our competitors.

A Safe, Veterinarian-Approved Way to Protect Your Dog

Our systems are veterinarian-approved, offering a simple and effective way to keep your dog contained in a safe area. A Dog Guard electric fence emits a small static shock, similar to the sensation of touching a doorknob after scuffing one’s socks along the floor. It’s harmless, and yet, it’s effective, in that the dog will quickly learn to avoid it. After extensive training, the pet will also not need to be corrected constantly, as it will be given time to learn where the boundaries are. Most pets will never sustain more than two or three corrections. Also, we can help you choose one of the 32 stimulus levels along with the right kind of receiver collar to make sure that your pet is getting the right level of stimulus.

Reliable, Trusted Customer Service

Since 1988, Dog Guard has been helping families and pets with its reliable systems and excellent customer service. Today, it offers a nationwide dealer network, serving thousands of customers each year. Everyone, from the manufacturers to individual state dealers, cares about you and your pet, and we seek to provide the best customer experience possible. If you have questions, feel free to contact us at 1-800-865-0495 or fill out our contact form.

“Setting up safe yard boundaries for your lovable dog doesn’t get simpler than this.”

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