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Protecting family pets since 1988, Dog Guard produces high quality, reliable products that are superior to all others.

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Dog Guard of New Hampshire & Maine, LLC is affiliated with Dog Guard Out of Sight Fencing,® founded in 1989 by a pet owner who wanted to give pets the freedom they deserve and pet owners peace of mind knowing their dog was safe in its own yard. More than half a million happy dogs later, and counting, we are still committed to providing you with innovative solutions and advanced product features that are unique to Dog Guard®.


Owners/Brothers Larry and Jim Gaffney have worked together in their own business in many different capacities for more than 25 years. Their combined backgrounds include areas of technical, manufacturing, managerial, sales and marketing expertise.


The Gaffneys understand how important every member of your family is to you – including the four-legged members.


Because they have pets themselves, they know keeping them safe is a priority. A Dog Guard® underground fence system, customized to meet your needs, will save time and money over a traditional fence, and with some training is guaranteed to keep your pets at home where they belong.


The Gaffney brothers take pride in offering exceptional products and services at an economic value before, during and after the system is installed.


Said one of their recent customers, “I am so happy - installing a Dog Guard® fence was life changing!”


Call Larry or Jim today to discuss what a Dog Guard Out of Sight Fencing system can do for you!

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