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My name is Steve Hinesley. I and my son Bradley Hinesley own and operate Dog Guard of the Triad and Dog Guard of Charlotte, North Carolina.


I founded Steve Hinesley and Company, Inc. Landscape Contractor in 1993. We are state-licensed landscape contractors, irrigation contractors and licensed pesticide applicators. Bradley is also a certified plants man. We employ 12 to 15 people. We founded Dog Guard of the Triad in 2011 and Dog Guard Charlotte in 2014. I personally handle most of the Dog Guard installations and repairs although I have three employees who are qualified to perform both jobs.


Since Bradley and I are outdoor people, working with Dog Guard is a very rewarding experience. We enjoy working with customers, and especially enjoy working with their pets. We have received a number of positive testimonials about the Dog Guard product and our fast, efficient service. When a customer has a problem, such as a cut line, we can usually provide next-day service.


We consider customers’ pets as valued members of their family and realize how important it is to them that their pet is safely confined in its yard.


Our family has owned pets over the years and are still grieving the loss in 2013 of our Miniature Schnauzer, who was by far the most loving and intelligent pet we have ever owned. She would travel with us everywhere and especially loved the beach. We are still trying to recover from the loss of such a cherished member of our family.


Dog Guard Out of Sight Fencing has become an important part of our company and we are working very hard to spread the word about Dog Guard and its exclusively USA-made products. With a lifetime warranty and a strong backing from its dealers, I believe Dog Guard will continue to grow. People will always invest in their pets and with continued land-development, keeping their pet safe and secure will become even more important.

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Produced 100% in the United States.


Protecting family pets since 1988, Dog Guard produces high quality, reliable products that are superior to all others.

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