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Protecting family pets since 1988, Dog Guard produces high quality, reliable products that are superior to all others.

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Why choose Dog Guard of Southern NY for your pet containment? We are a family owned dealership and we are committed to provide excellent service from sales, installation and repairs seven days a week.


 Our core values are: Honesty – We have established an excellent reputation in the community, which is why your odds of getting complete honesty and pricing transparency are the greatest with our family-owned business. · Quality of Workmanship – A company that doesn't take pride in their workmanship is a company that you don't want to hire for any purpose. Along with pride comes quality of work, which should be your primary concern next to cost. We only use commercial grade wire and all our products are made in the USA!


Integrity – Our family-owned business takes great pride in our work and we know full well that every job we perform is vital to our reputation. By hiring Dog Guard of Southern New York, you're ensuring not only a thorough job, but also fair pricing at competitive rates.


Family-owned and operated businesses always emerge as the smart choice for customers who want to ensure quality work, fair prices, and excellent service. Estimates are always free and references are always available.


Dog Guard of Southern New York

Mike Kovalyk and Matt Murphy


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