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We are Bruce and Robin Edwards, owners of Dog Guard of South Florida serving Broward, Palm Beach, and Collier counties. We are also professional Dog Behavioral Therapists and Master Trainers, having successfully trained over 3,000 dogs and their owners in South Florida over the last nine years. Prior to that, Bruce was a Senior Technology Director in Fortune 500 companies for 25 years in such companies as Xerox and Transamerica. Robin was a Corporate Sales Manager and Regional Director for such companies as Pacific Bell, Westinghouse, and Harris Lanier.


We are excited about being able to offer the Dog Guard Out of Sight Fencing pet containment solution to our friends and neighbors in South Florida. We are proud that the equipment is produced in the US and carries a lifetime guarantee. We can easily employ the operant-conditioning and canine-behavior-modification training techniques we successfully employ as dog trainers to safely contain our clients’ pets and provide a safe and loving environment for their families. As parents and dog owners ourselves, we understand the frustration and danger a wandering dog can cause for both the animal and family. Safety is our mission and the Dog Guard Out of Sight Fencing allows us to deliver the solution.

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