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Hello, my name is Charles Levin and I am the owner of Dog Guard of Northeast Massachusetts in Rockport, Mass.


After more than three years as a Dog Guard Out of Sight Fencing dealer, I have continued to enjoy growing my business and working with my clients and their pets. I enjoy the daily challenge because each job is different, and each pet is different. Completing the installation and training is a rewarding feeling. One client refers to her life as BDG (Before Dog Guard) and ADG (After Dog Guard).


It is truly gratifying to provide great service to my clients and to receive such positive feedback.


Dog Guard Out of Sight Fencing was founded in 1989 and its headquarters is based in Upstate New York with more than 150 dealers across the country. All Dog Guard systems and their products are completely U.S.-made and are veterinarian-approved to be safe for you and your pet.


Thank you!


Charles Levin




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Protecting family pets since 1988, Dog Guard produces high quality, reliable products that are superior to all others.

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