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Training and Raising a Dog in Oregon

A wireless dog fence can be a wonderful and practical addition to your home. When you purchase a pet fence from Dog Guard, you invest in the safety and obedience of your animal. In addition to it being out of sight and capable of opening up the perceived space in your backyard, a hidden dog fence can also give your pet a feeling of unrestrained freedom. After installation, only a few training sessions with your dog stand in between you and your pet enjoying the new space together. At Dog Guard, we know that your love for your pet cannot be contained.


Hidden Fences and Uncovered Potential

Numerous tangible and intangible benefits can be experienced after choosing to install an underground fence. Oregon has lush landscapes that can be better appreciated when a fence is out of sight instead of obscuring views. The installation of a wireless fence can allow you more choice when designing and creating gardens or other yard work. Additionally, a hidden fence can give your beloved pet a sense of freedom, even if it remains contained on your property. Call us today to have our specialists come to your home and assess your property and your dog’s personality. We can suggest a great perimeter to meet all of your needs.


Training Sessions

Teaching your dog how to obey the rules of a new wireless system can be as easy as ordering a hidden fence. OR residents need only consult with our technicians to find a training program that meets the needs of their dogs, no matter their breed, size or age. Usually, however, training a dog with an electric fence can be accomplished in three, simple phases. The first phase begins when our specialists arrive on your property, install the fence and place flags around the perimeter of your yard.


The initial phase of a training program consists of walking a dog around the flags denoting the invisible boundaries of an underground fence. Oregon dog owners lead a dog by its leash like usual, but the dog’s collar receiver will be set to emit a disagreeable tone when the pet crosses onto an area that is out-of-bounds. When a dog returns to its master’s side after a verbal correction followed by some praise, it learns that the new area is off-limits. A few days of this process usually results in a dog learning the new rules and lead pets to phase two of the training schedule.


Next, a few days are dedicated to walking a dog on a leash around the hidden fence, but this time, a dog’s receiver will be turned on to emit a mild, electrical shock when the pet crosses onto forbidden territory protected by the underground fence. OR pet owners are encouraged to offer a verbal correction and praise when their dogs heed their commands. Over a few days, a pet is sure to understand that the area beyond the fence is off-limits and cannot be explored on its own.


The last part of the training involves technicians testing a dog’s retention of the lessons it has learned during previous sessions. Dogs are permitted to be off their leashes in the backyard, but specialists will try to tempt them with fun or interesting items that can only be obtained by crossing the fence’s boundaries. If a dog thinks twice about crossing the perimeter, the training sessions have been completed. Animals are extremely quick to assimilate these lessons and with a devoted owner and a skilled technician to ease along the process, it’s not uncommon for dogs to understand their boundaries in less than two weeks.


Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

When you buy an underground fence system from Dog Guard, you can be sure that you’re investing in quality and customer satisfaction. We go the extra mile when it comes to providing customers with an electric dog fence. OR residents are treated to exceptional service. Our specialists are available to help train dogs for as long as it takes to for them to assimilate to the new fence system. In addition, our lifetime warranties make it extremely easy for customers to get replacements for equipment that has been damaged or destroyed. Call us today at 1-800-865-0495 to inquire about any of our products or services. To explore special discount options, ask about our wireless fence trade-in program.

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