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Hi. I’m Butch Williams, owner of Dog Guard of Newton, North Carolina. I was a professional dog trainer before I became a Dog Guard Out of Sight Fencing dealer. At some point during my fourth year as a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, I came to realize the overwhelming need for an affordable, alternate method for dog containment.


I had daily witnessed numerous dogs confined by 20-foot tie-outs or 10-foot by 10-foot chain link fences. I had also been called upon to help dogs that had been poorly trained and afraid to venture out into their yards to use their pet store underground fences.


After much research, I discovered Dog Guard Out-of Sight Fencing pet containment systems fit my criteria as being both humane and effective. I formed Piedmont Pet Fencing and became a Dog Guard dealer in the summer of 2008 and have since proudly serviced the Piedmont area of North Carolina.


My first Dog Guard underground fence installation was for my Golden Retriever, “Sadie.” She learned her boundaries in a matter of weeks and has not left her yard since. In the years that have followed, I’ve gone on to successfully install hundreds of Dog Guard Out-of-Sight fences on all types of terrain and for all breeds of dogs.


As the sole “employee” of Piedmont Pet Fencing, I do not rely on commissioned sales personnel and contract installers. I am responsible for all aspects of the business. Because of this, I’m able to spend whatever time is required and take whatever measures are necessary to ensure that the installation is performed properly, and that both the owners and their dogs understand the equipment and the training. I am also able to provide this service at a lower cost than other suppliers of underground fencing.


I take pride in the fact that a large portion of my new business comes from referrals from satisfied customers.


My credo as a dog trainer has always been that dogs are not a lower life form, only a different one, and therefore deserve our respect and compassion. I apply this same guidance to my underground fencing business.


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Butch Williams

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