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Hello friends and neighbors in the Big Horn Basin! We are Dog Guard of Northern Wyoming, located in Cody, Wyoming and serving all of Park, Big Horn, Hot Springs, and Washakie counties.


My wife Terry and I (Jerry) opened our business in January of 2011 after installing a system for our own dogs. We had three German Wirehair Pointers at home – Buddy, Abby, and Bill. Our property borders BLM land with lots of rabbits, pheasant, grouse, and deer nearby. Being hunting dogs, they loved to go hunting! All our efforts at keeping them at home would fail if any two got outside free at the same time; they would go out and then we would search for them, taking up our time on an unplanned search mission. After installing a Dog Guard Out of Sight Fencing system and training our dogs, they would not leave our property! That was five years ago, and they have not run off since.


We are the only full-service dealer of pet=containment systems in the Basin. We provide all materials and install systems to your specifications. We assist in the training necessary to ensure satisfaction. And, we are always available to help with any equipment or behavioral problems that may occur. We get a great deal of pride and satisfaction knowing that your pets will be safe and happy once learning the boundaries you have set for them. We especially like meeting the dogs and their owners.


I have a background as a Marine Engineer, having worked aboard many ships in the engineering department. As such, I gained knowledge and experience in a variety of engineering disciplines. My knowledge of electrical systems and electronics has served me well since operating Dog Guard of Northern Wyoming. I grew up in a pet-friendly home hoping to find a career as an engineer, and knowing I would always have dogs to keep me company. Dog Guard of Northern Wyoming has blended these two passions into a wonderful business!

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