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I am Eddie Saylor, an authorized dealer of "Dog

Guard of Asheville" and owner of "Asheville K9 Pet

Containment Specialists," which serves most of

Western North Carolina. I partnered with Dog Guard

in 2010 and have continually increased my customer

base. Prior to becoming a Dog Guard dealer, I worked a decade with a leading underground fence competitor.


I have a passion for pets and their safety and feel God called me to do this as a career. I have complete confidence in Dog Guard products. I believe in honesty and enjoy bringing peace of mind to pet owners. Customer satisfaction is my Number One priority. Together we can make a difference in our pets’ lives. My wife and I have two daughters, three grandchildren and two dogs. I hope you will allow me to bring that peace of mind to you when it comes to your pet's safety.


God Bless,

Eddie Saylor, Fletcher, N.C.


Products to be Proud of.

Produced 100% in the United States.


Protecting family pets since 1988, Dog Guard produces high quality, reliable products that are superior to all others.

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