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Training and Raising a Dog in Arizona
It’s not for nothing that dogs are called “man’s best friend.” According to statistics provided by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, up to 47 percent of all American households have a dog. These loyal, affectionate, and playful pet companions quickly become part of the family. However, statistics also show that one of the reasons that people relinquish their dogs is due to canine behavioral problems. Just like a child, your dog has to learn what acceptable, appropriate behavior is. If you neglect to teach him this, he’ll most likely display undesired behaviors. These can include everything from unwanted digging and soiling the house to nuisance barking and chasing behavior. Teaching your dog right from wrong is essential, not just for your sanity but also for the safety of your furry pal.

Setting Boundaries
Whether you hire a dog trainer or take on the training yourself, setting boundaries is essential to your success. Your dog needs to learn what it can and can’t do and where it can and can’t go. One way to help you do this is by installing an electric fence. AZ dog owners will be very pleased with this innovative protective measure. This so-called pet fence can be used indoors and outdoors and keep your pet pal away from off-limits areas. For instance, if Fido often digs in your flowerbed, you will be happy that you’ve installed a wireless, underground fence. Arizona residents can still have the best of both worlds because the fence will prevent him from digging up the bulbs, flowers, and plants. If you want to keep Fido out of a specific room of the house, you can also use a hidden fence. AZ homeowners can install the fence near the entrance of the room to keep him out. To better understand how a wireless dog fence works, view the videos on our website.

How the Fence Works
For the installation of an electric fence, AZ residents should count on a duration of about five hours. The technicians will install an underground wire that’s completely out of sight. This wire is directly connected to a receiver that’s hidden in your dog’s collar. When your dog is within three to six feet of the boundary, a digital radio signal is activated and emits an unpleasant sound or a mild correction stimulus. If your dog continues to go toward the off-limits area, a second slightly harsher correction will occur to encourage your dog to go back to the permitted area. After the installation of the fence, our technicians will outline your yard with visible flags. You will be instructed to use these flags to teach your dog which areas are off-limits to him. Over time, you remove the flags in the hopes that your dog won’t go near the boundaries. If it does, the pet fence will help to correct its actions in a safe manner.

Our Available Products
During the purchase of an underground dog fence, Arizona residents should take the size and character of their dog into consideration. For instance, if your dog is an avid runner or a hunting dog, we have a special receiver that you can buy that’s geared toward hard-to-train, stubborn dogs. If your pet companion weighs less than 10 pounds, we have a micro receiver that you can purchase. You can view the different types of equipment we have available on our website. Our company has been in business since 1988, and our wireless fencing system was created with your pet’s safety in mind. It’s also veterinarian-approved.

A fencing system from Dog Guard can keep your dog safe from harm and give you peace of mind. You won’t have to confine your dog to the house, and it can still play outside and burn pent-up energy, which is often the main reason for undesired behaviors. If you’re unable to watch your dog while it’s outside, the out-of-sight fence will keep it safe for you. If it frequently escapes the yard to chase cars, the wireless fence will also put a stop to this. Another benefit of this confinement method is that you won’t have to invest in installing an actual fence around your property. A fence sometimes takes away from a property’s aesthetic appeal. You can keep your costs low and won’t have to sacrifice your pet’s safety or your view.